– Social distancing and wear masks
– All matches are canceled
– No work-parties
– No membership appointments
– Range is open for individual practice
– While at the range all RBGC rules must be followed.

As per NYS / NYC reopening plan, RBGC is in Phase IV
This means that until then:
– Members must have a mask
– Exercise social distancing
– No guests
– No new membership applications will be accepted
– Members who need to fulfill club’s requirements would have to wait
– No meetings
– No matches
– No work-parties
Hand sanitizing stations have been installed on every range.
While at the range all RBGC rules must be followed
Bathroom, kitchen and office area not be accessible

Deadline for dues payments has been moved to June 15 because of all this turmoil with the virus going on.
Those who already send the checks, be assured we already have received and will be processing them shortly.

Range is still available to the members until and if we are forced to close but with limitations:
Kitchen and office area will not be accessible until further notice.

During the time of the increased concerns with the spread of the virus, the RBGC President and the Board have decided to cancel all scheduled matches and events at the club for a duration of 1 month and then reevaluate the situation and update you.

Effective now:
All matches are canceled for 1 month
Range is open for Individual practice
No workparties for 1 month

We encourage social distancing at the range and ask for no more than a few members to be on the range at one time.

Use common sense and stay safe