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All applications are by appointment only
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Membership dues are due Apr 1st. Electronic invoices will be emailed March 1st and paper invoices will be mailed out in the 2nd week of March.
Please reach out to us to update your mailing address and/or received invoice by email.
Send payments (check or money order made payable to RICHMOND BORO GUN CLUB INC.) to:
P.O. Box 140142

Note: Please indicate your Name ( if it is not on your method of payment) and Club ID number.

If you prefer to make online payments, we offer Venmo payment option.
Please note there is a 2% surcharge for Venmo payments.
Use chart below for correct Venmo payment amounts.
If balance is:

If you are a member of RBGC and not receiving emails from the club or your email address has changed, please use CONTACT US form to submit a request to be added to the email list and update your record. Please make sure to provide your Name and ID.

We are currently accepting new member applications by appointments only. Use application Membership Chairmen contact info to schedule an appointment or reach out if you have any questions.